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Attorney Christopher J. Berry, Esq., CELA
Christopher J. Berry, Esq., CELA
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How Can we Help?
At Castle Wealth Group Legal, we help families achieve their goals.  We do this through our 3 step process of determining your goal, developing the strategy to achieve your goal, and then picking the right tools to achieve your goal.

This is very different than how many other estate planning firms work. Instead of focusing on your goals, they sell people living trusts...even when they don't need them.
avoid probate in michigan
Avoid Probate
Probate in Michigan is costly, time consuming and public.  It can be avoided if you know how.

The average cost of probate can be 3-5% of an estate, with inventory fees, filing fees, publication fees and even attorney fees.

protect your assets
Protect Your Assets
You've worked hard for what you have, now is the time to protect it.  There are special types of trusts like a Castle Trust™ that can provide protection from lawsuits and the devastating cost of long-term care.

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) can also form another layer of protection, especially when real estate is involved.
At Castle Wealth Group Legal, that's not how we work.  

We focus on your goals first.  Then develop strategies to help you achieve your goals.  Then and only then do we begin talking about which tools to use.

If you want a firm that will help you achieve your goals, not give you a boiler plate trust, then please reach out to us.  I look forward to working with you.
--Christopher J. Berry, Esq., CELA
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Legacy Protection
Protect Your Family
Do you want your life's work to goto your in-laws (the outlaws) or stay in your family.  With the use of Legacy Inheritance Trust™ provisions, your money can stay in the family, in the bloodline.
long-term care costs
Navigate the Long-term Care Maze
As one of 18 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the State of Michigan, we are uniquely qualified to help your family understand the long-term care maze of Medicaid, Veterans Benefits and Long-term care.
Michigan Estate Planning Attorney 
Estate Planning
The government has a set of rules for you, do you want to follow the government's rulebook or create your own workbook?  Do you need a will or a trust and which is better?  How do you avoid probate in Michigan?  These are all questions we can help your family answer.
Michigan Elder Law and Asset Protection Lawyers
Elder Law & Asset Protection
Estate planning is planning for death, elder law is planning to live, and face all the issues that go along with aging, including long-term care.  There are trusts like a Castle Trust™ that can help protect against the devastating cost of long-term care.
Michigan Medicaid Planning Lawyers
Medicaid & Nursing Home Planning
The average cost of a nursing home in Michigan is between $8,000- $12,000 per month.  The average stay in a nursing home is 2.5 years.  1 out of 2 families will need nursing home care.  Have you taken the steps necessary to protect your family?  Whether you have a loved one in a nursing home now or concerned about care in the future, we can help you.
Michigan Retirement and Tax Planning Attorneys and Lawyers
Retirement & Tax Planning
A legal plan is like the body or chassis of a car, the investment and tax plan is the engine you drop in the car.  You wouldn't want to have a Cadillac chassis and drop in a crummy entry level car engine would you?  Your plan needs to be coordinated for your needs.  With the sophisticated trusts that can be set up, we can advise you on the tax implications and strategies to minimize taxes over your lifetime and beyond.

A Retirement & Legacy Blueprint consists of
-Income Planning
-Investment Planning
-Tax Planning
-Healthcare Planning
-Legacy Planning

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Castle Wealth Group Legal

Mark Fisher

"Chris began working with our family a few years ago to put a plan in place to address care and estate issues for my parents. We knew the needs of my parents were going to increase and we wanted to protect them both short and long term.

Chris took the necessary time to explain to our entire family the options that we had, and helped us select the strategy we felt best given the time and circumstances. Everything he helped us do has delivered peace of mind and now that some of those changes are happening. It is great to know that we are in a place where we can "stay the course".  

Chris has been consistently available for additional consultations as situations have arisen and is also helping us be prepared for the "what if's" that are just part of life. Worth every penny and continues to deliver for our family. I highly recommend Chris and his team."- Mark Fisher
Paul & Kristin Tyll

"Chris and his team are knowledgeable professionals that prove peace of mind to help ensure affairs are in order in case of passing.  

What mattered most to me was being organized in case something happens and making sure our house was in order and our trust was funded."

-Paul & Kristin Tyll

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